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The trainers' index

There is, as yet, no internationally recognised qualification for English language teacher trainers.  This section of the site does not pretend to establish one, of course, but it is here to help those who find themselves training other English language teachers.
The section is intended for:

  1. People new to training at any level who find that simply watching others has not properly prepared them for their role and responsibilities.
  2. People transitioning from initial training of novice teachers to in-service training at diploma level and above who need to re-examine their roles and responsibilities.
  3. People already experienced in teacher training who may want a different way at looking at some areas of what they do or are faced with training in an area new to them.

On the left the black menu has links to other areas of this site of interest to teacher trainers.
In addition, here's a menu of more choices.  Other sections and guides will appear from time to time.

Introductory guides
Getting into training If you are a teacher with ambitions to become a trainer of other teachers, this short guide may help.
Initial vs. in-service training A short guide to the similarities and crucial differences.  It also contains some comments on the dangers of trickle-down training of trainers.
A short course in language analysis This link takes you to the index page of a short course.  Each part comes with a test which you may find helpful for initial training courses or as pre-session revision on in-service courses.
The guides in this section This is an overview that you only need to look at once of how the guides in this section of ELT Concourse are structured.

Topic area Initial training In-service training
Grammar and lexis Sentence elements Types of modality
Tense and aspect Adverbials
Modal auxiliary verbs Determiners
Word class Deixis
Meaning and lexical relationships Complex sentences
Collocation Multi-word verbs
Word formation Lexical relationships
Transcription Worksheet #1 only (probably) Use worksheets #1 and #2
Skills An introduction in three parts  

Other sets of worksheets will appear here from time to time.
If there is something in particular that you need, contact ELT Concourse and it may be prioritised.