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Discourse index: in-service training

discourse You may also find what you are looking for in the skills index.
backchannelling cohesion communicative strategies and tactics
context IP conjunction (overview) conjuncts
coordination deixis disjuncts
genre and theme-rheme structures indefinite and impersonal pronouns paragraph structure
personal pronouns IP pro-forms pronouns: brief overview
shell nouns sociolinguistics speaking and adjacency pairs
spoken discourse style and register suasion
subordination substitution and ellipsis tense and genre
theme and rheme (only) turn-taking  
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The in-service training topics

background discourse functions general reference
lexis methodology modality and mood pronunciation
skills syntax: phrases, clauses, sentences teaching and materials testing and assessment
verbs and tenses Business English English for Academic Purposes a list of lists
a 10-unit language analysis course learn to /træn.ˈskraɪb/ index of courses on this site glossaries on this site
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