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Concourse 2

Initial plus training: verb forms and tenses index

verbs: the essentials what verbs do subjects and objects
lexical verb forms primary auxiliary verbs copular or linking verbs
the infinitive participles voice: active and passive
the tenses index tense and aspect the present tenses
the present perfect four future forms four past forms
the past perfect complex tenses stative vs. dynamic
Other verb forms
multi-word verbs: essentials reported or indirect speech finite and non-finite forms
stative and dynamic uses gerunds and infinitives question tags
essentials of modality pure modal auxiliary verbs one by one will and would
The guides in the in-service area which are longer and more difficult can be accessed here:
the in-service verbs index    


The initial plus training topics

background and methodology language functions language skills learn to transcribe
sentences and clauses teaching and materials terminology and references verbs and tenses
words and vocabulary a list of lists sentence grammar essentials pronunciation
essential guides a short language analysis course index of courses on this site  
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