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Initial-plus training: the combined index


Individual indexes to the areas are available from the link on the left.

Guides and materials linked from this page are intended for people with little or no English language teaching experience although more experienced teachers may find them useful revision.
The index and this section refers to initial plus because the material is intended for people who have yet to take a training course who or have recently done so and need a little help right now or when they are preparing to take further qualifications.
There is set of guides specifically aimed at people taking a Cambridge Assessment English CELTA course, linked below.
Some guides are linked more than once – people think differently.
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Essential guides adjectives adverbs adverbials articles
conditional sentences collocation conjunctions determiners
functions grammar of the sentence idioms methodology
modality and modal auxiliary verbs modification motivation multi-word verbs
nouns phonology terminology prepositions pronunciation
reading reported speech subjects and objects teaching language skills
verbs word class word formation
Background and methodology what is methodology? methodology essentials how learning happens mistakes, slips and errors
motivation: the essentials grammar teaching: the theory the roots of English testing learners
a methodology glossary in-service background index in-service methodology index mythologies in ELT
varieties of English
Functions form, function and meaning 68 functions in English teaching functional language in-service functions index
Pronunciation essentials of pronunciation phonology terminology teach yourself transcription verb and noun inflexions
in-service index
Syntax cohesion conjunctions conditionals modification
grammar of the sentence indirect questions questions and negatives relative pronoun clauses
sentences wh-questions word order What is syntax?
in-service index  
Language skills teaching language skills what is reading? teaching reading what is writing?
teaching writing what is speaking? teaching speaking adjacency pairs
what is listening? teaching listening context in-service skills index
Teaching skills and materials activity types being clear checking learning checking questions
classroom organisation context correcting learners drilling
grouping learners learner talk lesson planning lesson structures
managing feedback online teaching planning step by step questioning
task types teacher roles teacher talk teaching functional language
teaching grammar teaching on CELTA teaching one-to-one teaching language skills
teaching vocabulary timeline samples using time lines in-service teaching index
do-it-yourself materials authenticity ten types of resources
Verbs verbs: the essentials what verbs do subjects and objects lexical or main verb forms
primary auxiliary verbs copular or linking verbs the infinitive participles
voice: active and passive multi-word verbs: essentials reported or indirect speech stative and dynamic uses
gerunds and infinitives question tags essentials of modality central modal auxiliary verbs
Tenses the tenses index tense and aspect the present tenses the present perfect
four future forms four past forms the past perfect complex tenses
timeline samples the in-service index
Lexis (words) adjectives adverbs articles cognates and false friends
collocation compounding count and mass nouns demonstratives
determiners function words gradability idioms
words and meaning modification personal pronouns prepositions
possessive (genitive) case spelling terminology for lexis vocabulary teaching
word class word formation word stress the in-service index
Other places glossaries and tests grammar references skills references the list of lists
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CELTA The Bridge a basic training course the teacher training index
in-service training the Delta section teacher development about language
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