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Skills references


You may find some of the following helpful if you are looking for more detail.

There are a number of fundamental books on skills listed below but this is also an area where research on the web and access to journals is useful.  In particular, using a narrow search query on Google Scholar will often identify very finely targeted articles and papers.
There is a guide on this site (new tab) to considering which web-based resources to trust.

There is a useful listing of journals here which identifies and describes some useful sources.

listen Listening skills
Anderson, A & Lynch, T, 1988, Listening, Oxford: Oxford University Press
Brown, G, 1990, Listening to Spoken English, Harlow: Longman
Buck, G, 2001, Assessing Listening, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
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read Reading skills
Alderson, J. C, 2000, Assessing Reading, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
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speak Speaking skills
Brown, G & Yule, G, 1983, Teaching the Spoken Language, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
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write Writing skills
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