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Teaching materials

There are materials on this site in the learners' area which can be incorporated into your teaching.
There are some notes on how to integrate the materials (whether or not you have classroom access to the internet).

All the materials in this section have been freely contributed to ELT Concourse.  If you have material you would like to contribute for the good of fellow professionals, please feel free to do so.  See the contributions page for more.

Lessons The levels used on this index are those of the Common European Framework of reference for languages (A1 up to C2).
Warmers These are activities that may help to energise a class either at the beginning or in the middle of a teaching session.
Life savers These are whole lessons which appear purposeful and planned but which can be delivered with a minimum of preparation and intervention by the teacher.
Fillers Activities which serve to fill in an indeterminate amount of spare time, but which appear to be planned and coherent.
Coolers The opposite of a warmer – i.e. an activity which may help to calm an excited class down – for example, before handing a class over to another teacher.