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These are activities that may help to energise a class either at the beginning or in the middle of a teaching session.

As you try these activities out in your classes, if you find that the instructions need modification or if you would like to contribute a modified or a different idea, please contact ELT Concourse.
If you are contributing an activity it would be very helpful if you could follow the format used here.
Where possible the sources of the various activities are acknowledged but most are lost in the mists of time – any information about origins will be welcomed and incorporated.

My aunt's cat A neat little adjective activity to play to get the class remembering some lexis.
The Rizla game Also known as post-it, this game requires people to ask questions to find out who they are.
The Yes/No interlude Based on an ancient British television game, this is more challenging than it appears.
Classroom bingo A useful and quick warmer to get people thinking about what they can see and name.
Hotel receptionist Great fun and a challenge, too.  Good for people with miming skills.
My bonnie Impossibly idiotic and always descends into chaos.
Peter's coloured balls A great activity to help people get to know new classmates.
Getting to know the teacher A warmer which allows learners to see that the teacher is human, too.
Murder An unusual and liberating exercise to combat the stress of a new class and course.
Find someone who ... Infinitely variable focus on grammar, questions forms and other structures.
Laura's conditional cards A great little game using a pack of cards and some easy mingling to practise conditionals.
Nick's musical icebreaker An unusual and repeatable exercise based around people's musical tastes.