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The opposite of a warmer – i.e., an activity which may help to calm an excited class down – for example, before handing a class over to another teacher.

As you try these activities out in your classes, if you find that the instructions need modification or if you would like to contribute a modified or a different idea, please contact ELT Concourse.
If you are contributing an activity it would be very helpful if you could follow the format used here.
Where possible the sources of the various activities are acknowledged but most are lost in the mists of time – any information about origins will be welcomed and incorporated.

Chinese translations A translation exercise for monolingual groups only (although you could use it with a class containing largish groups of same-language learners).  All levels.
Word searches A familiar grid search puzzle to find words the learners recognise.  A useful revision and review practice activity.
Carroll's quartets Cognitively challenging, this activity works well with problem-solving learners.  There are two versions described here.
Hangman You know the game but here it is anyway with a couple of helpful hints.