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The levels are based on the Common European Framework.  Like this:

levels cef

If you are not sure about your level, take a test (new tab).
There is also: a guide to Understanding English Tenses.
There are only three levels here so look at the topics above and below your level, too.

Grammar Reading Vocabulary Writing
Levels A1 and A2
the future will 'll and -ing working with computers clothes how to write an e-mail
some adverbs travel and transport big, great, high, serious, strong how to write a story
a, the and some my morning routine playing sports and doing hobbies  
some prepositions cities, towns and villages types of words  
past simple and past progressive   a something of something  
-thing, -body, -one, -where   family relationships  
10 phrasal and 10 prepositional verbs   shops and shopping  
Understand the present perfect   do, have and have to  
Levels B1 and B2
could and was able to crime and punishment do, have, make and take how to write a paragraph
but, so, because, although health lights how to write a discussion text
using articles accommodation in Britain tall, wide, long and thin etc. writing better sentences
expressing cause and effect education making uncountable nouns countable  
indirect questions   spelling in English  
understanding will and would   using adjectives  
prepositional verbs   adjective ordering  
using for   I'm sorry! Apologising in English  
making relative clauses   work  
How often?   empty or delexicalised verbs  
Understanding the passive   in, out, inside, outside etc.  
Levels C1 and C2
present perfect simple and progressive gadgets the sounds things make coordinating clauses
using intensifiers understanding long sentences words that sound the same subordinating clauses
more on articles   talking about emotions  
making things happen: causatives   making verbs from adjectives  
phrasal verbs