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You can contribute anything relevant to the field of English Language Teaching and Learning to this site.
Just send an email to info@eltconcourse.com explaining what the material is and where on the site you think it should go.  Add any notes you like concerning its use.  You'll get a message soon explaining whether and how to get the materials to ELT Concourse.

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Please note

If you do want to submit materials, articles, presentations or any other form of work to this site for consideration for publication, please note these general points:

By submitting material for publication, you are stating that:
  1. You are the copyright holder of the materials and you understand that any copyright infringement will be your sole responsibility.  Alternatively, you are confirming that all or part of the material is already in the public domain and there are no copyright issues.
  2. You will not submit material which in any way infringes or damages the privacy, rights or reputation of any other individual or institution.
  3. You understand the terms of the Creative Commons licence which will cover the material you submit.
  4. You understand that your contribution will be anonymous unless you ask that your name is appended to the work.  Additionally, you may request that any or all of the following are appended:
    1. a contact email or other address
    2. the name of any institution for whom you work
    3. a brief description of you, e.g., ‘Teacher’, ‘Director of Studies’, Materials writer’ etc.
  5. You will use links and references purely for your readers’ information and interest and not use such references for any commercial or promotional purposes.
  6. You understand that material will only be published at the discretion of the editor(s) and may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

Please do not worry overmuch about the presentation of materials.  Materials you send will be converted to (probably) a PDF document or a web page.