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Concourse 2

Delta revision tests for Module One, Paper 2


The following provides a general test for each task on Paper 2 of the Module One examination.  You should get almost everything right.  If you have particular difficulty with any area, try that section of the Delta Module One revision course.

The tasks in Paper 2 ask for more extended answers drawing on your knowledge of the principles and practice in ELT and is particularly concerned with discovering:

  1. Whether you understand and can apply the principles of assessment
  2. Whether you can critically evaluate teaching materials
  3. Whether you can apply your background knowledge to discuss 'best practice' in ELT

The links below take you to generalised tests in these three areas.

Task 1: testing Task 2: materials Task 3: principles      

You will find a good deal more to remind you of key ideas in the following guides:
testing in general assessing reading assessing writing      
assessing speaking assessing listening authentic materials      
evaluating materials methodology index ELT background index      
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